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Summer 2018

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The Story

            The women closest to me have always asked, “What’s in your bag?” And for good reason. As a leader in the beauty industry for more than thirty years, I’ve had the priviledge of being exposed to nearly every coveted fashion and beauty brand, from top name luxury to cottage industry houses.

 It’s thrilling to uncover that special treasure and share it with the women in my TRIBE. Nothing brings more joy than helping women create their best lives. I believe that’s my highest call.

  That’s why I’m introducing this monthly journal of personal favorites.

What’s In My Bag? 

Is your upclose, intimate touchpoint to the products and services I adore—

Each, deserving of mention. All, in some way, with the potential to change your life. Because when we find something that makes us feel beautiful, our whole world shifts for the better. Isn’t it true?!

What’s in my Bag?  ... Lots of love, and the best of what’s out there, discovered just for you…for my Tribe.  Tribez. 

Be Beautiful.

Tribez Salon and Spa